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Current Cosponsors: Allen, Bacon*, Barr, Bishop, Rob*, Burgess, Coffman, Cramer*, Gallego, Gianforte*, Graves, Garret, Green, Harris*, Hartzler, Heck*, Hice*, Hudson*, Kaptur*, Katko, LaMalfa, Lamborn, LoBiondo,
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Dear Colleague,

I write to ask for your co-sponsorship of H.Res. 1035, which expresses opposition to the completion of the Nord Stream II pipeline.

The Nord Stream II is an underwater pipeline currently under construction and will transport natural gas from the Russian Federation to Germany by way of the Baltic Sea.  This project is designed to build upon the goals of the original Nord Stream pipeline
and further increase Russia’s control over the European energy market.

Since the completion of the first pipeline, Russia has controlled nearly 40 percent of Europe’s natural gas, with 11 European countries relying on Russian gas for 75 percent or more of their annual natural gas needs.  If completed, Nord Stream II will only
increase Russian control of the European energy market and further expand their geopolitical influence throughout the region.

Currently, the Ukrainian gas transit system has roughly 55 billion cubic meters of spare capacity, which is equal to the planned capacity of the Nord Stream II.  Ukraine has been a stable and reliable transit hub for energy flowing to European destinations.
 Russia’s geopolitical interest in Nord Stream II is not to support Europe’s energy security, but to drastically diminish Ukraine’s ability to export their natural gas and drive a wedge between countries within Eastern Europe and the rest of the European Union.

The United States has a longstanding policy of supporting European energy security through diversifying the region’s energy market.  The Nord Stream II will undercut this objective and lead to a Russia monopoly of the European energy market.  According to
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy, Sandra Oudkirk, “[Nord Stream II] has such a potentially large impact on the national security of some of our largest partners in the world, it has an impact on our national security”.  Nord Stream
II is merely another tool of the Russian Federation to sow discord and distrust between the NATO alliance.

In an effort to promote European energy markets and the interests of the United States, I have introduced H.Res. 1035.  This resolution urges our European allies to reject the Nord Stream II project and implores President Trump to use all available means
to support European energy security through a policy of diversification to lessen reliance on the Russia Federation. Last, H.Res. 1035 supports the imposition of sanctions with respect to Nord Stream II under section 232 of the Countering America’s Adversaries
Through Sanctions Act, which passed the House 419-3.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor, please contact Matthew Russell (


K. Michael Conaway

Member of Congress

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