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Army Greens 

Dear Colleagues,


                We are writing you today to request you join the House Army Caucus in signing a letter of support for the Army to transition to the WW2 era service uniform – The Army Greens.

The Army believes this uniform – and its powerful identification with the “Greatest Generation” of WW II – will inspire today’s soldiers and attract others to join the Army.  The Army has done extensive internal surveys, and

The Army Times has polling data
that shows overwhelming support for this uniform.  Army senior leaders, and most soldiers in the field, also believe this uniform will increase esprit-de-corps and generate great pride by soldiers in their uniform and service.

The Army has developed a plan which will allow it to acquire the uniform in a cost neutral manner for enlisted soldiers. Enlisted soldiers will either be issued the uniform after advanced individual training or compensated for their uniform in their annual
clothing allowance.  The overall cost of the new Army Greens is 20% more than the ASUs, but the superior quality results in a 33% increase in the uniform’s life span and less cost to soldiers over a career.  Finally, the Army will acquire the uniform at a
‘cost per soldier’ less than what most of the other services spend per servicemember for required service uniform(s).

The Army believes this uniform will help attract quality applicants to the service, which will have a positive impact on Army recruiting.  Inspiring the next generation to serve is critical in an era when less than 4% of American youth are qualified and
have the propensity to join the military.

The blues uniform the Army now wears as a daily service uniform was never intended for that purpose.  It is too formal for day-to-day wear.  And in the class-b mode, with a short sleeve shirt, soldiers are often confused with security guards, which demoralizes
the force.  Our recruiters transitioned to wearing their camouflage uniform because of this problem.  

Army leadership recognizes there are some who are opposed to the Army adopting a new uniform.  It should be noted that the Army currently only has two: the “blues” uniform and the camouflage “field” uniform.  This is less than all other services.  

Cost is another key concern for this new uniform.  Army leaders briefed the House Army Caucus chairs on the transition plan which will be cost neutral.  The Army can provide you with a detailed brief for this plan, but in short, it calls for delaying the
issue date for new soldiers, purchasing a higher quality uniform that will have a longer service life, and the Army will have a longer phase-in period in order to remain cost neutral.  This last point is also important for those senior officers and NCOs who
are close to retirement and thus reluctant to purchase a new uniform (of any type).   

                If your member is interested in signing the letter with Judge Carter and Dutch Ruppersberger please contact Ben Jarrett at (majority) or Justin Bower at (minority).






Dear Secretary, Esper and General Milley,

                We fully support and encourage the Army to adopt the iconic Army Green uniform as its day-to-day business uniform.  This initiative will not only connect America’s Soldiers with their historic past but will also inspire the well-deserved
respect and admiration of the American people.


As you rebuild the readiness of the Army and modernize the force, we believe the timing is right for our Soldiers to wear the uniform that both honors the service of those who fought in Europe and the Pacific nearly 80 years ago and inspires the next generation
of Americans to follow in their footsteps.  For many of us who have served, we know well that a uniform as good-looking and iconic as the Army Green uniform will go a long way to further building pride, cohesion, and esprit de corps in the Army’s ranks.  Moreover,
America’s sons and daughters who serve will be proud to wear this historic uniform on duty and in their hometowns, and we believe this will inspire others to join the Army as well.


Additionally, we applaud the Army’s proposed plan that addresses uniform costs for the individual Soldier and the Army as an institution.  Finding a cost-neutral option, along with leveraging modern production and distribution methods here in the United
States to improve quality, streamline acquisition, and further reduce costs will ease the financial burdens soldiers may face should the Army adopt new uniforms.


It is important that our Soldiers have pride and respect for their service, the Army, and its history.  Adopting the Army Green uniform from the “Greatest Generation” accomplishes this task.  We fully support and urge the Army to make this decision as quickly
as possible, and preferably in time for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day assault on Normandy – the turning point of World War II – next year.

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