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Dear Colleague:

Research was recently released that plastic security bins in airports around the world are rampant with viruses that cause the common cold and
the flu
. While airports in the United States have among the world’s most rigorous security procedures, public health should remain a top priority. With more and more passengers taking flight every year, we must consider the implications of the Transportation
Security Administration’s hygienic standards for the sake of Americans traveling domestically, internationally, and the wellbeing of our visitors from abroad.

The letter below to TSA Administrator Pekoske also comes in light of the recent quarantine of a dozen passengers reporting flu-like symptoms
aboard two separate American Airlines flights. To ensure American airports are never the cause of such situations, the letter seeks more information about TSA’s current sanitation procedures and how they are preparing for flu season or the potential of a more
serious viral outbreak.

Beyond health considerations, the flu costs the United States economy over $10 billion dollars each year in hospitalization and outpatient visits and an even larger amount in worker productivity loss. Airports are already central to our economy, but the
findings of this study indicate that TSA has a role to play in the efficacy of our working population.

Please join me in writing to Administrator Pekoske to inquire about TSA’s current hygienic standards and how they are working to improve the passenger experience by preventing the spread of harmful microbes in high traffic security checkpoints. To sign on,
please contact Natalie Martinez in my office at to sign on is Friday, September 14 at 12:00 PM.



Debbie Dingell

Member of Congress