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Dear Colleague:

As Co-Chairs of the Congressional Waste-Cutters Caucus, we invite you to become a member of the caucus for the 115th Congress.  

Without fiscal responsibility and discipline, our children and grandchildren will be lifting the burden that we leave for them as a result of our reckless, out-of-control spending. We want to use this caucus to highlight and remove wasteful and unnecessary
government-funded programs, introduce legislation and amendments to eliminate wasteful programs and spending measures, and we want to find a way to fix our broken budget and appropriations process.

This caucus is not simply a group of like-minded Members of Congress, but this caucus is a group of Members who are committed to finding ways to limit the exceptionally out-of-hand spending in
all areas of our Federal Government. The Waste-Cutters Caucus will not only provide a platform for Members to highlight unnecessary spending, but also the opportunity to find the most effective way to reform our budget and appropriations process.

We encourage you to contact Jake Hilkin with Congressman Ralph Norman at 5-5501 or Eric Heigis with Congressman Dave Brat at 5-2815 if you interested in becoming a member of the Caucus. 





Ralph Norman

Member of Congress


Dave Brat

Member of Congress

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