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Few things are more important than ensuring our students have a safe learning environment.  That’s why we have introduced the Safe to Tell Act – a bill which would establish a national model for anonymous reporting of school threats. 

The Safe to Tell Act adapts important criteria from the highly successful Safe2Tell program pioneered by Colorado and in use in several other states.  Meeting such criteria would qualify states for a new federal grant so they can get their programs off the
ground.  The key features of the program include:

  • Statewide implementation, to ensure tips can come from residents and schools throughout a state;
  • Multiple on-ramps, including a tip line, website, and mobile app to ensure ease of reporting;
  • Monitoring by a live person 24/7 so that referrals to law enforcement and school officials are notified of potential threats promptly;
  • Strict protections of anonymity for reporting;
  • Prompt referral of potential threats to appropriate law enforcement and school personnel;
  • Quality assurance and accountability measures both to combat abuse and to ensure tips are actually followed up on.

Colorado’s is one of the oldest threat reporting programs, adopted in part after the massacre at Columbine High School.  Since then, many other states have either adopted similar programs or explored adopting one.  Safe2Tell started as a private venture
and was eventually adopted statewide.  Recently, Safe2Tell was credited with averting a mass shooting at a Castle Rock, Colorado school.  Given an anonymous tip in December 2016, local law enforcement preempted the threat to the high school and the responsible
students were arrested in early 2017 – lives were saved.

With a proven track record of success, the Safe2Tell program represents a best-practices model that can be extended to help secure schools across the country.  Please find the

bill text here
.  To cosponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact
Jeremy Lippert
in my office.


Mike Coffman
6th Congressional District of Colorado

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