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Last September, I introduced the ‘Protecting Against Tyranny and Responsible Imports Act (PATRIA)
of 2017 (H.R.3673).’
The PATRIA Act would impose a ban on the importation of petroleum and refined petroleum products from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.  In light of the recent actions taken by  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
to solidify his authoritarian regime, this legislation will deny the Maduro government an estimated $10 billion in revenue, from the sale of oil to the United States, until he reinstates the democratically-elected National Assembly of 2015.

Earlier this year, the Venezuelan Supreme Court, led by Maduro loyalists, arbitrarily stripped the country’s National Assembly, their nation’s democratically-elected legislative body, of its authority.  Recently, President Maduro ordered a sham election
for the formation of a ‘Constituent Assembly’ that has the authority to rewrite the country’s constitution, dismiss democratically-elected officials, and eliminate the existing democratic institutions.  Using this ‘Constituent Assembly’ as his pretext Maduro
plans to consolidate his powers into a dictatorship, perpetuate the humanitarian crisis, and imprison democratically-elected officials in Venezuela.

Before the oil ban is lifted, my legislation would require that President Maduro reinstate the democratically-elected National Assembly of 2015.  Restoring the National Assembly is a necessary step in providing Venezuela with a democratically-elected legislative
body to promote human rights and restore the rule of law.

If enacted, the ‘PATRIA Act’ will have an estimated $10 billion impact in lost income to the Venezuelan government. The loss of these revenues will deny the authoritarian Maduro government the resources necessary to pay for the regime’s security forces that
have been violently and systematically oppressing the street protests and prolonging a humanitarian crisis. 

Although I am pleased that President Trump authorized additional sanctions against Venezuela, I believe that we must take stronger action to get Maduro to reinstate the National Assembly.  My legislation to enact a ban on the importation of petroleum and
refined petroleum products from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is that stronger action. By implementing the strongest of sanctions against the authoritarian Maduro government I believe we can to stop the country from sliding into a Cuban-style dictatorship.

If you would like to be a cosponsor or have any questions regarding this legislation, please contact Mitchell Monreal at or at 202-225-7882.



Mike Coffman

U.S. Representative

Colorado’s 6th District

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