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Cosponsor Legislation to Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

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The right to vote is fundamental in our democracy, yet U.S. voter turnout is consistently among the lowest of all established democracies around the world. A 2014 study found among those who didn’t vote, 35 percent didn’t have time to do so because of work
or school. That’s why we’re introducing the Election Day Holiday Act to make Election Day a federal holiday so more Americans have the time they need to vote and participate in our democracy.

Voter turnout has declined steadily since 1964, and in 2014 reached its lowest level since World War II. Promoting greater participation in our elections increases the democratic legitimacy of our government and ensures more voices are heard in the political
process. While there are many factors that influence voter turnout, making Election Day a holiday would make voting easier and give Americans an opportunity to celebrate the importance of civic engagement and participation in the proud American tradition of

At a time when our democracy is under threat from foreign governments and many states are restricting access to the ballot box, it’s more important than ever for Congress to reaffirm our commitment to the most fundamental aspect of democracy, the right to vote.
We invite you to cosponsor the Election Day Holiday Act by contacting Eric Henshall of Rep. Eshoo’s staff at or (202) 225-8104.

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Anna G. Eshoo                                   A. Donald McEachin
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