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The Marijuana Data Collection Act


Endorsements: NORML, National Cannabis Industry Association, and Third Way


Cosponsors: Curbelo, Young, SotoO’RourkeBlumenauer, Rohrabacher, Gaetz, DeFazioHolmes NortonTitus, Crist, Garrett, Correa, Lee, Pocan, Carbajal, Quigley, Jayapal, Hanabusa,
Polis, Raskin, Schakowsky, Cohen, Heck, Perlmutter, Lofgren, 
Scott Taylor


The Marijuana Data Collection Act (H.R. 6495) would create a federally recognized report by a neutral arbitrator on the status of state-legal marijuana programs, both medical and non-medical use, and their effect upon public health, safety, and the economy.

Background: Several recently published peer-reviewed studies have assessed the impact of state-regulated marijuana legalization on public health, safety, the economy, and criminal justice. Yet, despite the publication of these reports,
there continues to remain a lack of consensus and acceptance with regard to this data, particularly amongst members of Congress and the Department of Justice. As recently as June 2018, President Trump reiterated his position to allow states to experiment with
marijuana regulation free from federal interference. However, legislation to either deschedule or allow research for medical and/or non-medicinal marijuana has yet to move forward in the 115th Congress.

Goal: The purpose of this legislation is to collect and synthesize relevant data and to generate a federally recognized, neutral report regarding the impact of statewide marijuana legalization schemes. Such a report will assure that
federal discussions and policies specific to this issue are based upon the best and most reliable evidence available at this time, and will help to guide future marijuana legislation.

Bill Overview:

  • This bill requires data collection and study with regard to the impact of state-regulated marijuana legalization on public health, safety, the economy, and criminal justice, among other issues.
  • Specifically, this bill requires the Secretary of HHS to coordinate with the DOJ, DOL, and States (to the greatest extent possible) and direct the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to publish a biannual study on the health, safety, and economic effects
    of state legalized marijuana programs.
  • The Report would also outline best practices for state-led data collection, as well as recommendations to overcome any barriers preventing data collection and gaps in data.

For more information, or if you would like to cosponsor the Marijuana Data Collection Act, please contact Patrick Koetzle ( with Rep. Gabbard, or Charles Castagna ( with Rep. Curbelo.

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