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Sign onto Letter Urging DOD Not to Use Military Attorneys for Immigration Prosecution

Cosigners (14): Pallone, Lieu, Brown, Serrano, Vela, McGovern, Carbajal, Wilson (FL), Velázquez, Gutiérrez, Gabbard, Clarke, Khanna, Grijalva

Deadline: Monday, 7/23

Dear Colleague:

We invite you to sign a letter to Secretary of Defense Mattis, opposing the recent decision to send Judge Advocate Generals (JAGs) to prosecute immigration cases on the southern border.

As part of the “zero tolerance” immigration policy being implemented by the Trump administration, the Department of Justice recently made a formal request to the Department of Defense to use active duty JAGs to assist in criminally prosecuting undocumented
border crossings. Sec. Mattis then approved 21 active duty JAGs for 179-day tours in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico for these non-military purposes. Directing JAGs to practice in a legal field in which they have not been explicitly trained does little to ensure
justice is secured and is unfair for the detainees being prosecuted.

We encourage you to join us in asking DoD and the Trump administration to use the department’s resources appropriately and to ensure asylum seekers are being fairly prosecuted. To sign on, please contact in
Rep. Pallone’s office, in Rep. Leiu’s office, or in Rep. Brown’s office.



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