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I invite you to be a cosponsor of H.R. 6275,To provide that the 12 weeks of parental leave made available to a Federal employee shall be paid leave, and for other purposesThis legislation would provide 12 weeks of paid
parental leave for federal employees.  This would be an important step in strengthening the federal workforce and making it more competitive with the private sector.

According to a poll conducted by PEW Research Center, most Americans support paid leave following birth or adoption. Despite its popularity, the United States government is not required to pay its employees during these time periods.  Today, most large employers
provide at least 12 weeks paid parental leave, making this a competitiveness and retention issue for the federal workplace to attract and keep the top talent. Additionally, women who receive paid leave are more likely to leave work later into their pregnancy,
return to work after having a child, and more likely to work more hours per week upon return.  Parental leave is associated with lower infant mortality and increased well-baby care and high school graduation rates and life earnings for the child. Women who
report at least 12 weeks of paid leave also report fewer depressive symptoms and improved physical and mental health. Men who receive paid leave are more likely to be engaged in caring for their children, even after their leave has ended. The Institute for
Women’s Policy Research reports that less-advantaged women (i.e. who have lower education levels, are unmarried, or minorities) are more significantly affected by a lack of paid family leave policies. In this same study, the Institute found that paid parental
leave policies had either a positive or neutral effect on productivity. The federal government should match other large employers to remain competitive for the top talent necessary for our federal workforce. Join me in taking the right step on paid parental

If you have any questions, would like to join as a member, or cosponsor the legislation, please contact Allison Feikes in my office at



Barbara Comstock
Member of Congress

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