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Dear Colleague:

Please join me in supporting the continued growth of electric vehicles and the buildout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure by cosponsoring the Electric CARS Act (H.R. 6274).

The transportation sector remains a significant source of air emissions. Countries across the globe have recognized this challenge and are aggressively investing in EV technologies to address it. China, for instance, is already the

largest EV marke
t and is considering a complete ban on internal combustion engines. Nearly one-third of all new cars

sold in Norway
are hybrids or EVs.
Britain and France
have proposed banning combustion engines by 2040.

If we want the next generation of vehicles to be designed and produced in the U.S., we need to invest in EV adoption.

The Electric CARS Act will accelerate the adoption of EVs and fuel cell vehicles, spur the buildout of more charging stations, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve our air emissions.

Currently, a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 is available for the purchase of electric vehicles. However, the number of tax credits is capped at 200,000 vehicles for each manufacturer. That cap is expected to be hit by some manufacturers as early as this
year, eventually rendering the credit unavailable to consumers. The Electric CARS Act would improve this credit and strengthen the alternative fuel vehicle market by:

  • Eliminating the current per-manufacturer EV tax credit cap and replacing it with a 10-year extension, helping EVs achieve cost parity with combustion engines.
  • Allowing buyers to claim the EV credit immediately at the point of sale rather than having to wait to claim it when they file their annual income taxes, as is required under current law.
  • Extending for 10 years the alternative fuel vehicle refueling property tax credit to incentivize the build out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Extending for 10 years the fuel cell vehicle credit.

To cosponsor this legislation, please contact Mark Fowler in my office ( Thanks for your consideration.


Peter Welch

Member of Congress

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