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When disasters strike our communities, the federal government steps up to help in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Our pets are no less at risk than people or buildings when hurricanes, floods, fires, and other disasters occur. Federal Emergency Management
Administration (FEMA) grants are often used to fund pet shelters to house rescued animals during and following these disasters; yet there are no requirements to keep track of how these shelters are using taxpayer dollars to carry out their mission.

H.R. 6131, the Pet Emergency Transparency and Accountability in Disasters Act (PET AID), addresses this issue to ensure there is transparency and accountability in terms of how FEMA grants are being used.

This commonsense, bipartisan legislation requires shelters receiving federal emergency dollars to track and disclose basic information related to the circumstances of animals that came into the care of the facility and any actions taken while in their care,
such as adoptions, transfers, or euthanasia. This type of basic data collection and retention has been the industry standard for years and can be compiled at zero cost to the shelter. This information will ensure that taxpayer money is being used appropriately
and every effort is being made to get these animals back to their families or to new homes.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor the PET AID Act, please contact (Titus) or (Comstock).


Thank you


Dina Titus                                                                           Barbara Comstock

Ranking Member                                                                Member of Congress

Subcommittee on Economic Development,

Public Buildings, and Emergency Management



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