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OPPOSE the Palmer Amendment: Support Clean Diesel Technology


Dear Colleague:

Please join us in opposing the Palmer Amendment, which would strip funding for clean diesel technology under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program.
DERA has enjoyed overwhelming bi-partisan support. DERA originally passed by a vote of 92 to 1 in the Senate and by a voice vote in the House during the last reauthorization.

Diesel engines play an important role in the American economy, helping to transport goods across the country and supporting jobs throughout our nation. Though still durable and reliable, older diesel engines emit significant amounts of exhaust. Retrofitting
older diesel engines with American-made technology can provide substantial public health benefits and reduce fuel costs for individuals and businesses, while creating jobs here at home. Clean diesel technologies, including cleaner burning engines and after
treatment devices, help reduce emissions by up to 90%.

DERA is a voluntary program to incentivize owners and businesses to replace and retrofit old diesel engines. Because of the long life cycle of diesel vehicles, there are many older diesel vehicles that could benefit from this program. Since its inception
in 2005, DERA has been one of the most cost-effective federal environmental programs, with an average return of $13 in health and economic benefits for every $1 put into the program.

DERA stands out as a strong example of how our country can create jobs and reduce healthcare costs, all while protecting the environment.

The Palmer amendment is opposed by: Advance Engine Systems Institute • American Association of Port Authorities • American Association of Railroads • American Highway Users Alliance • American Lung Association • American Power Group • American
Trucking Associations • Associated General Contractors • Clean Air Task Force • Corning Incorporated • Cummins Inc. • Diesel Technology Forum • EDF Action • Emission Control Technology Association • Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association • NAFA Fleet
Management Association • National Association of Clean Air Agencies • National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services • National Electrical Manufacturers Association • National School Transportation Association • Navistar • South Coast
Air Quality Management District • Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) • Umicore Autocat, Inc. • United Motorcoach Association • Volvo Group

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Edwards with Rep. Ted Poe at, or Jonathan Gilbert with Rep. Matsui at



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