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Dear Colleague,

President Trump is currently attending a NATO summit this week with a message for our allies to meet their defense spending commitment. The U.S. has been the biggest contributor to NATO since the alliance’s founding in 1949. Formed in the ashes of World
War II, the NATO alliance has brought us decades of considerable peace and prosperity. Still, there are powers today that wish to challenge the order from which millions throughout the world have benefited.

For too long, the United States has been an unequal partner in contributing to the global and regional security that NATO provides. With new challenges from an increasingly belligerent Russian state, instability across the Middle East and North Africa, and
emerging cybersecurity threats, it is time for our allies to honor their commitment to invest in defense spending.

In order for NATO to be completely effective, all member nations must pull their own weight. We must equally share the necessary burden of “peace through strength.” In order for the NATO alliance to function properly and fully work, each country has to meet
its commitments according to the agreement. Unfortunately, 23 out of the 28 NATO countries are currently meeting the 2% GDP spending on defense requirement per the NATO agreement. 

If you share my commitment to a fully realized NATO alliance, I encourage you to cosponsor my NATO Resolution, H.Res. 135, which calls upon our NATO allies to meet or exceed the 2% GDP defense spending commitment.  

Attached is the text of the resolution. Please e-mail Dominic Restuccia at if you would like to join as a co-sponsor.  


Mike Bishop

Member of Congress

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