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Lower Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs

Co-sponsor the Capping Prescription Costs Act of 2018 (H.R. 6340)

House Co-sponsors: Rosen, Welch, Shea-Porter, Norton, Thompson (MS)

Senate Co-sponsors: Warren, Nelson (FL), Wyden, Murray, Whitehouse, Smith (MN), Leahy, Hassan, Baldwin, Durbin, Shaheen, Blumenthal, Heinrich, Udall, Gillibrand, Reed, Merkley

Supported by: Families USA, The AIDS Institute


Dear Colleague,

We invite you to co-sponsor the Capping Prescription Costs Act of 2018 (H.R. 6340), which would tackle the problem of high prescription drug costs that families face by placing a monthly cap on their out-of-pocket copays.

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is one of the most critical issues facing American families.  According to recent government estimates, prescription drug spending is projected to increase faster than many other categories of major health expenditures
– due in large part to increases in the prices of these drugs. Individuals with life-threatening or chronic conditions that require high-cost specialty drugs – conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, hepatitis, or HIV/AIDS – may face thousands of dollars
per month in out-of-pocket costs.

The Capping Prescription Costs Act of 2018 takes meaningful steps to address the problem of high prescription drug costs by placing a statutory monthly limit on what consumers can be charged in out of-pocket drug copays. The legislation caps prescription
copays for insured individuals at $250 per month for individuals and $500 per month for families, adjusted for medical inflation. These caps would apply to individuals and families covered by an ACA exchange plan or any group health plan, including employer-sponsored

With prescription drug prices soaring, now is the time to take action to bring down costs for hardworking families. If you would like to co-sponsor this bill or have any questions, please contact Grant Dubler with Rep. Rosen’s office at or




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