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The Magnuson-Stevens Act is Working.

Join the Fishing Industry, Scientists, Chefs, Related Businesses, and Conservation Groups in Opposing H.R. 200


Dear Colleague,

The Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA) is one of our country’s most effective natural resource laws.  The core provisions in the act that requires science-based fisheries management and rebuilding are responsible for bringing back over 40 commercial and recreational
fish stocks since 2000 following decades of overfishing. Unfortunately, H.R. 200, the so-called
“Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act,” would severely undermine these requirements.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act is working. U.S. fisheries have grown more profitable since its passage. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that continuing on the current path to fully rebuild fisheries would add an estimated $31
billion to the economy and create 500,000 new jobs. H.R. 200, which conservation groups have dubbed the “Empty Oceans Act,” would weaken NOAA’s ability to manage fish stocks sustainably.

Sea Pact, a group of leading seafood distributors across North America, said H.R. 200 “risks the United States’ competitive advantage in the marketplace and weakens the sustainability of our fisheries.”

As we begin debate on reauthorizing Magnuson-Stevens, it is imperative that we do not give in to pressure to take fisheries management back to the bad old days of overfishing key species, failing to rebuild stocks, and regulating based on politics, not science.
There is too much at stake to let short-term pressures hamper the ongoing progress toward making U.S. fisheries and fishing communities the healthiest and most profitable in the world.

I wanted to share with you some fishing industry groups, scientists, chefs, related businesses, and conservation groups that oppose H.R. 200, the “Empty Oceans Act.”

Please join me in opposing H.R. 200.


Raúl M. Grijalva
Ranking Member
House Committee on Natural Resources



Fishing Communities Coalition

Artist Boat

Audubon (Washington State)

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE)

Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Delaware River Shad Fishermen’s Association

Delaware River Yachtsmen’s League

Environment New Jersey

Gator Trout Guide Service

Galveston Maritime Business Association

Gulf Coast Leadership Conference

Hannah’s Reef

Jimmy’s on the Pier

Texas Outdoor Coastal Council

Leaders for Environmental Studies at Fairfield University (LEAF)

Audubon (New Jersey)

Center for Food Safety

Future of Fish

54 Divers and Dive Businesses

Orca Conservancy

Sierra Club (Connecticut)

Sierra Club (New Jersey)

Slow Food Seattle

Fishing Vessel

77 Organizations and Individuals

Willapa Hills Audubon Society

Wild Fish Conservancy

Washington Wildlife Federation

Inland Ocean Coalition

League of Conservation Voters

Marine Fish Conservation Network

Recreational Fishermen and Charter Captains from Connecticut

Recreational Fishermen and Charter Captains from New York

Recreational Fishermen in Connecticut

Saltwater Edge

Gulf Fishermen’s Association

Gulf Fishermen’s Association Leadership

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance

72 Midwest and Mountain West Chefs, Restauranteurs, and Culinarians

An additional 54 letters of opposition from a variety of stakeholders may be found



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