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Two out of three American homes have a pet.  These consumers should have a right to choose where they purchase their pets’ medication based on the price, service and convenience that suits them best.  We believe this should be true, hope you will agree,
and request that you join us in sponsoring H.R. 5472, the Fairness to Pet Owners Act.

The bill is straight forward.  For those medications the federal government bars pet owners from purchasing without a prescription, it gives pet owners a right to receive a copy of that prescription – without having to ask, pay an extra fee, or sign a waiver. 
The bill covers only medication for domesticated household pets, and allows for the prescription to be transmitted by paper or through electronic means.

For many pet owners, their pets have become members of the family.  With some prescribers marking up the medication they dispense by as much as 800% of wholesale pricing, our bill has the potential to help families struggling with monthly budgets, including
seniors on fixed income, save money on something they deem essential – caring for their pets. 

Consumers Reports wrote a few years back about the benefit these families could realize by shopping around for pet medications.   Indeed, the savings can routinely be as much as 25% (up to 50% for generics).  So, the savings our bill will produce for American
families and for the economy at large can be significant.

By making it easier for pet owners to purchase their pets’ medications online or at their local pharmacy, big box or grocery store, our bill will also benefit time-pressed families who need the flexibility these options offer.  It also benefits households,
particularly in rural and urban areas, who do not have easy access to a veterinarian clinic.

With human medications, patients receive prescriptions automatically, as is the case with eyeglasses, pursuant to an FTC Rule, and contact lenses, as per a law enacted by Congress.  There is no reason to believe that similarly providing American households
with the right to copies of their pet’s prescriptions will prove any different.

We hope you will join us in our efforts helping pet owners cut costs in their household budgets and stretch their dollars further.  Should you or your staff have any questions regarding the bill, or you would like to cosponsor, please have your staff contact
Kevin Gannon in Rep. Collins’ office ( or Kate Huffman in Rep. Cartwright’s office (





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