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The Chinese government and Communist Party’s global influence operations and disinformation campaigns are increasingly a threat to U.S. interests and those of our allies.  These efforts are extensive, not well understood and often
employ press manipulation, economic coercion, targeted investments, the infiltration of nongovernmental organizations, and academic censorship to coerce and corrupt United States institutions or individuals and shape a world antithetical to U.S. values and

The Congress and the American public need reliable and current information to understand the malign goals of China’s political influence operations; identify the key institutions, individuals, entities, and ministries that carry out such operations,
and distinguish them from the ongoing cultural, educational, and people-to-people exchanges which may benefit both the United States and China.

H.R. 6010 includes: 

  • A State Department report outlining the Chinese government and Communist Party’s political influence operations.
  • Policy Statements to:
    • Protect the Chinese-American community from being targeted by political influence operations;
    • Require Confucius Institutes and other Chinese government funded entities to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act
    • Increase Chinese language proficient and expertise among mid-career professionals;

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