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International trade accounts for as much as one-quarter of our economy.  The readiness of consumers and shippers to fully engage in these markets determines the success of our local economies and how well we will compete in world trade.  Our nation’s international
traders face the daunting task of understanding a complex array of international shipping firms, policies, laws, and regulations.

Our government can provide a vital function in assisting consumers and shippers with the information and knowledge to negotiate these institutions to avoid snags whenever possible and to resolve issues that inevitably arise.  Fortunately, the Federal Maritime
Commission has the Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS) ready to assist consumers and shippers with issues that arise in commerce and international trade.     

Keeping transaction costs low is the key to market efficiency.  Ben Franklin counseled, “Time is money.”  H.R. 6303 will help reduce transaction costs to our exporters and importers and eliminate costly delays in completing international exchanges.  In short,
this bill keeps commerce and trade moving by focusing on critical shipping information for those involved in trade.

We are often reminded of the importance of small businesses in creating jobs and H.R. 6303 is very favorable to small businesses that cannot afford large legal and technical staffs to unravel complex trade and shipping problems.  CADRS overcomes the key
issues and immediate concerns that small businesses will experience if their cargo is rolled, delayed, or stopped in transit.  Long-term delays in receiving cargo can prove catastrophic to the operating capability of many small businesses.  

CADRS’ services can help prevent a business from being forced to shut down.  It can also enhance our nation’s efficiency in commerce as well as competitiveness in world trade.  This bill would formally recognize CADRS’s critical role, encourage its activities
in resolving disputes and securing services without costly litigation by our American traders, and promote public understanding of the assistance available.  The bill is budget neutral.

Please join me in empowering our small businesses, ports, and world traders by co-sponsoring H.R. 6303.  We’ll be helping our local businesses succeed and make the nation more competitive.  If you want to co-sponsor the bill or have any questions, please
contact Rachel Alden in my office at or (202) 225-3671.


Bill Posey
Member of Congress

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