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Dear Democratic Colleague,

President Trump’s apparent sudden reversal on family separation proves what we have been saying all along. He can end his self-imposed policy of tearing babies from the arms of their asylum-seeking mothers as fast as he can salute a North Korean General. No
law, no court, no Democrat has prevented him from acting. But with their silence and doubletalk, our Republican colleagues are his enablers.

Since Trump’s vacillating, ever changing word has so little value, I believe we must write into law a limitation to prevent future family separation on the next Trump whim.

Almost all of us have joined the “Keep Families Together Act” by Rep. Jerry Nadler, which, along with the companion by Senator Dianne Feinstein, would end this abhorrent Trump policy.  Since Speaker Ryan can be expected to block consideration of this measure,
I believe we must raise the same issue on every relevant appropriations bill as each is presented. 

Please join as an original cosponsor of an amendment that I am submitting by tomorrow’s deadline for the appropriations bill that we will be debating next week. This brief limitations amendment will prohibit the use of taxpayer funds to separate
 During recent debate on the Military Construction Appropriations Act, I joined Rep. Gerry Connolly in offering a similar amendment for which the Rules Committee refused consideration.

Already a few Republicans are abandoning defense of Trump’s inhumane policy, while many continue only to duck and cover. Some are supporting legislation that nominally keeps families together only long enough to get them a high-speed, one-way return ticket
without legal representation or a fair opportunity for consideration of their asylum claim. Combined with the Attorney General’s decision to refuse claims of domestic or gang violence as a basis for asylum, the Republican policy can effectively result in a
death sentence.

Pending Republican proposals do not really stop the Trump wrongs; they only encourage his anti-immigrant push.

To join as an amendment cosponsor, today please contact Kate Stotesbery at
or call her at 202.225.4865.



Lloyd Doggett

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