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International trade accounts for as much as one-quarter of our economy.  The nation’s ports are the gateways for this activity.  In a 2015 report, the American Association of Port Authorities estimated that 3.1 million jobs were generated by ports handling
nearly $2 trillion worth of cargo.  Obviously, keeping our ports modern and efficient determines how well we compete in world trade. 

Ports traditionally rely on the Army Corps of Engineers to build modernization projects, but in recent years money has gotten tighter and tighter.  Ports often wait for years to see construction dollars for improvement projects that Congress has authorized. 
Many ports want to move ahead, and are often willing to put their money up front to deepen or widen their channels to accommodate the new large vessels entering the world fleet. 

Congress empowered such an option for ports to lead their own federal improvement projects in Section 204 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986.  Under this authority the port can chose to construct the project and become eligible
for reimbursement of the federal share.  Acting under Section 204, ports can sustain their competitiveness and also achieve the intended national benefits of the improvements.

The Posey Amendment addresses an opportunity to strengthen Section 204.  In many cases the port sponsor leading the construction of federally authorized improvements can benefit from engineering and technical assistance from the Army Corps
of Engineers.  Often, the Corps has specialized skills that will help the port sponsor in carrying out the project. 

The Posey amendment assures that port sponsors leading construction of improvements under Section 204 will have access to these important engineering and technical assistance services from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Please join us in empowering the ports to get help from the Army Corps when they need it and move projects forward to keep our ports modern and efficient.  Government will work better and we’ll be helping the nation be more competitive in world trade. 

I hope that you will join me in supporting this amendment.  For questions, please contact Valentina Valenta at or (202) 225-3671. 

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