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Sign Letter to the President’s Postal Task Force Requesting Transparency & Bipartisan Reform


Deadline: Thursday, June 14, COB

Dear Colleague,

Please join me in sending a letter asking for transparency and fairness in the operations of the President’s Postal Task Force. As a former employee of the United States Postal Service for over 30 years, I am committed to the integrity and success of our
postal system and urge the Task Force to support meaningful, bipartisan postal reform.

On April 12, President Trump issued Executive Order 13829, establishing a Task Force to “conduct a thorough evaluation of the operations and finances of the USPS” and “develop recommendations for administrative and legislative reforms,” to be submitted to
the President within 120 days. Over 60 days have elapsed.

Given that the postal system is of utmost importance to the American public, the letter asks the Task Force to operate in a fully transparent manner and prioritize reforms that have bipartisan consensus. It requests that the Task Force release its final
report to the committees of jurisdiction in Congress, in addition to the President. It also asks the Task Force to share information with Congress about its deliberations, including: a list of its meetings, a description of how it plans to integrate all stakeholders’
concerns, and a list of proposals it is considering that have broad consensus.

Finally, the letter urges the Task Force to prioritize bipartisan solutions including H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. This legislation passed the Oversight and Government Reform Committee with unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats,
as well as broad support from stakeholders.

Please join me in supporting transparent, meaningful postal reform that ensures reliable mail service to all Americans.

To sign on, please contact Annika Christensen at or 6-0364
by Thursday, June 14 at COB.




Brenda L. Lawrence