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Dear Colleague,

Our nation is facing a crisis of a lack of qualified doctors. Each year, fewer medical students are graduating to replace retiring doctors to meet our country’s demand. Furthermore, graduates have little incentive to practice in shortage areas (which are
often in rural areas) because, as studies have shown, medical students often go on to practice in the area where they complete their residency. Most residency programs are located in large cities.

Under current law, foreign physicians are required to complete a residency training program in the U.S. if they wish to practice here. This policy is appropriate for foreign physicians who are young, inexperienced, and have not completed extensive training
in their home country.

This policy, however, is unnecessary for highly-experienced and well-trained foreign doctors from nations with similar care standards to the U.S. Forcing them to complete a residency training program in the U.S. is a time consuming and unnecessary requirement.
Many of these physicians are as well trained, and even more experienced, than the physicians providing training to U.S. physician residents. This policy is also a large disincentive for foreign physician to come to the U.S. As our country faces physician shortages,
we need to create greater incentives for highly-trained physicians to come and practice in our country.

This is why I have introduced the Physician Visa Reform Act. The legislation would reform our current visa program to allow highly-trained physicians to practice in a HHS-designated physician shortage area for three years without having to complete a residency

This bill also maintains individual states’ rights. Each state maintains its own standards, requirements, and licensing board for physicians. This legislation creates no new federal mandates on states. It is up to each state to decide whether to utilize
this new visa pathway.

Please join me in ensuring that our constituents have access to the quality physicians they deserve. To cosponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact Erik Kinney at or at 55101.


F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr.

Member of Congress

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