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Co-Sponsor H.R. 6060 – Scientific Assistance for Very Endangered (SAVE) North Atlantic Right Whales Act of 2018

Endorsed By: Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Conservation Law Foundation, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society Legislative Fund, International
Fund for Animal Welfare, Natural Resources Defense Council, New England Aquarium, Oceana

Dear Colleague:

There are fewer than 450 North Atlantic right whales remaining in the world, with a population that has struggled for decades to recover from overexploitation by the whaling industry. The past year was one of the worst years on record for the species, with
18 confirmed deaths between 2017 and 2018 and no new calves observed this year – the first time no calves were observed since surveys began nearly 30 years ago.

Although North Atlantic right whales have been protected from whaling since the 1930s, the whales are still vulnerable to ship collisions and entanglements with fishing gear –  the two leading causes of injury and death to the species today. While the U.S.
fishing and shipping industries have taken major steps to address these conflicts, there are opportunities to develop improved solutions across both industries to tackle the ongoing challenge of protecting these whales.

That is why we have introduced the SAVE North Atlantic Right Whales Act of 2018. The bill  establishes a new grant program to fund collaborative projects between states, nongovernmental organization, and members of the fishing and shipping industries to
reduce the impacts of human activities on North Atlantic right whales.

Specifically, the SAVE Right Whales Act of 2018:

  • Creates a new grant program at the Department of Commerce to fund projects designed to reduce the impact of human activities on the North Atlantic right whale, and authorizes $5 million annually from 2018-2028 in new funding.
  • Specifies that state and tribal agencies, research institutions, nonprofit organizations, and any other individual or entity with the expertise required for North Atlantic right whale conservation may apply for grants.
  • Directs the Secretary of Commerce to prioritize projects specifically designed to reduce the lethal and sub-lethal effects of human activities on the whales while also prioritizing collaborative projects with members of the fishing and shipping industries.
  • Requires annual reports to Congress on the results and effectiveness of the grant program.

By providing competitive grants for North Atlantic Right Whale conservation projects, Congress can help generate innovative and long-term solutions for saving this critically endangered species. For more information or to cosponsor this legislation, please
contact Eric Kanter ( in Rep. Moulton’s Office.





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