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Support Efforts to Reduce Infant Mortality:

Cosponsor the NEWBORN Act


Dear Colleague,

Please join me in fighting to reduce our country’s infant mortality rates by becoming a cosponsor of the Nationally Enhancing the Wellbeing of Babies through Outreach and Research Now (NEWBORN) Act. 

The infant morality rates in the U.S. are unacceptable. Over 23,000 infants died in the United States in 2015. A recent
 found that a child is 76 percent more likely to die before their first birthday in America than in 19 other wealthy nations, including Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The NEWBORN Act would help address this problem by creating infant mortality-focused pilot programs in the highest-risk areas of the country. The pilot programs would focus on addressing one or more of the top five reasons for infant mortality: birth defects,
preterm birth and low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome, maternal pregnancy complications, and/or injuries to the infant.

To become a cosponsor of the NEWBORN Act, please contact Lauren Citron at 5-3265 or Deadline to be an original is close of business today.



Steve Cohen
Member of Congress

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