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Campaign Finance // Anti-Foreign Election Meddling Legislation: the REFUSE Act

Restoring the American Peoples’ Control over our Elections

Deadline for original cosponsors: 12 p.m. TODAY (6/27). Current original cosponsors: 
Carson, Deutch, Holmes Norton, Jayapal, Jones, Pocan, Ryan, Raskin, Shea-Porter


Public Citizen, Common Cause, the Campaign Legal Center, and the Sunlight Foundation

Dear Colleague:

I write to invite you to add your name as a cosponsor of the Repelling Encroachment by Foreigners into U.S. Elections (REFUSE) Act, which would stem the flow of foreign money into our elections and increase transparency around foreign election
influence through two major reforms:

First, the bill would prohibit election spending by foreign-influenced corporations (through connected PACs) and 501(c)(4) organizations at two thresholds of foreign ownership interest/funding: 20% for foreign nationals and a more strict
5% if those foreign parties are directly connected to foreign governments.
, the bill would modernize and tighten the reporting requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and expand the Department of Justice’s FARA enforcement authority.

I am also reintroducing two related pieces of legislation and welcome cosponsors for these as well: 1) a Constitutional Amendment nullifying
Citizens United v. FEC and 2) the Fairness in Political Advertising Act. The latter would require television broadcasting stations to make available 2 hours of free advertising broadcast time in each even-numbered year to each qualified political candidate
in a statewide or national election, to level the playing field for viable candidates trying to compete against campaigns bankrolled by special interests.

To be a viable candidate in an American election, you need an unprecedented amount of capital, and post-Citizens United, it’s impossible to know exactly how much of that money is coming from foreign nationals.

I hope you’ll join me in combating the influence of money in politics and shining a spotlight in the deepest recesses of our election system. Illuminating the full reach of foreign and corporate special interests is the first step in restoring the integrity
of our democracy.

For more information or to cosponsor, contact Kaylee Niemasik ( or x54146).

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