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        Request for Cosponsor(s)

Current Members:

Steve Stivers &
Joyce Beatty, Fred Upton &
Debbie Dingell, Tom McArthur &
Donald Norcross, Erik Paulsen &
Collin Peterson,

Dave Joyce &
Marcia Fudge,

Rodney Davis & Lisa Blunt Rochester,
Knight & Stephanie Murphy, Dan Newhouse &
Derek Kilmer,

Mike Johnson &
Charlie Crist, Kevin Yoder & Emanuel Cleaver, French Hill &
Brenda Lawrence


Dear Colleague,

Reps. Steve Stivers and Joyce Beatty invite you to join the newly formed Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus.
The Civility and Respect Caucus requires Members of Congress to join with a bipartisan partner – preferably within your state or media market. That
partner should be someone
will join in spreading the need to restore Civility in our discourse and representation in Washington.

The Caucus is dedicated to advancing the need for civil debate and respect for different opinions and beliefs. We can
disagree, without being disagreeable, and lately Congress has been known for our personal attacks when we disagree, rather than maintaining our civility in order to continue the conversation. If we cannot debate respectively, we will fail to find solutions
that work for all Americans. While we may disagree, and have passionately held beliefs, we can do so without resorting to uncivil and dangerous rhetoric that prevents us from finding common ground or solutions that work for everyone.

The Civility and Respect Caucus is unique in that each member who joins – must
join with a partner
 across the aisle as a partnership. Rather than adding one Democrat and one Republican at a time, Reps. Stivers and Beatty are asking that members connect with another
Member of their choice who will commit to spreading the message of civility and respect in both of their districts and in D.C.

Each partnership will help advance the call for civility in their home districts and in
their partner’s district. This caucus asks that members take time to visit schools and civic organizations, have media appearances, pen joint  op-eds and attend local events – as a pair – to explore
how through respect and civil discourse, we can represent a variety of opinions and come together to deliver results.

Here are some examples of events Co-Chairs Stivers and Beatty have held so far, and the media attention they have received:







Over time, Caucus Co-Chairs Stivers and Beatty will host briefings on ways members can participate in sharing the message
and our offices will provide offices some resources that can be tailored for each district.

To join the caucus, or with questions, please contact Nick Bush in Rep. Stivers Office , or Nicholas Semanko
in Rep. Beatty’s office .

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