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Do you have an Army Corps of Engineers Project in your District?

Join the Army Corps of Engineers Caucus

Dear Colleague,

I encourage you to join the Army Corps of Engineers Caucus to ensure that the Corps serves as a responsible steward of our nation’s financial and environmental resources and is responsive to district needs.

While the Corps has been vital in strengthening America’s water infrastructure throughout its history, the Corps’ recent record demonstrates room for improvement. Many states are dealing with a variety of issues related to the Corps which impact the everyday
lives of citizens. Corps projects touch several sectors of local economies – from recreation to tourism to farming and irrigation. States such as Georgia have been dealing with Corps’ decisions on water reallocation and supply for many years, but there are
other issues where the Corps has a meaningful impact as well. Access to fishing and boating, lease agreements on Corps properties, and relationships with states are all areas where Congress can work with the Corps to establish meaningful reforms.

In addition, Corps projects are too often mired in bureaucracy and hindered by red tape. This unfortunately translates to higher costs for taxpayers and delays in important public works projects. For these reasons, I invite you to join my effort to transform
the Corps into a responsive and fiscally responsible agency. The Army Corps of Engineers Caucus will focus on ensuring the Corps operates in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It is clear that the Corps’ inefficient methods have affected communities and
businesses and it is time to ensure that the Corps is transparent and accountable to the American people.

The Army Corps of Engineers Caucus will provide a forum where all Members that have an interest in Corps projects can work together to address these issues and develop meaningful solutions that will bring the Corps into the 21st century. For more
information on the Caucus or to join, please contact Erica Barker in my office at 5-9893 or



Ninth Congressional District of Georgia

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