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Dear Colleague,

I invite you to join me as an original cosponsor of the “Keep American Values Act,” legislation which
extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen until February 1, 2021. The bill also grants TPS for Guatemalans currently in the U.S. who are impacted
by the devastating June 3 volcanic eruption of Volcan de Fuego in southern Guatemala.

The Trump administration has arbitrarily terminated the TPS program, which was meant to provide respite and safety for foreign nationals finding themselves in the United States when a natural disaster, war or conflict affects their ability to return to their
home countries.

These actions have needlessly disrupted the lives of thousands and adversely affected the economies of several states and local communities. To date, no administration has terminated the TPS program for any country and many of the TPS applicants who have
resided in the United States continually since the grant of their TPS status have established businesses and families here, and have U.S. citizen children and grandchildren.

The Trump administration has terminated TPS for approximately 200,000 TPS holders from El Salvador; 46,000 from Haiti; 9,000 from Nepal; 2,500 from Nicaragua; 1,000 from Sudan; 4,000 from Liberia; and 57,000 from Honduras. Extending TPS for countries that
were arbitrarily rescinded from the program even though the qualifying conditions still remain will ameliorate the disruption inflicted on the thousands of TPS applicants who actively and positively contribute to America’s economy and culture.

Please join me in co-sponsoring this important legislation extending the current TPS program until February 1, 2021 and adding Guatemala to the list of countries that meet the statutory requirements for TPS in light of the devastating volcanic
activity on June 3, 2018.

For questions or to be added as an original cosponsor of this legislation, please contact Isabela Belchior at or by telephone at 5-3816.

Very truly yours,

Sheila Jackson Lee

Member of Congress


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