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Co-Sponsor H.R. 955, The “Cyber Defense National Guard Act”
Defend Our Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Attacks

Dear Colleague:

Today, the world is flourishing in this era of computing, information transfer, made possible by the digital revolution. As we continue to push the limits of technology,
we must deal with cyber threats. However, with innovation, we are seeing more dangerous threats to computing networks and dependent systems. Protecting our nation from cyber-attack is the responsibility of all Americans.

Modeled after the National Guard,
H.R. 955 the
“Cyber Defense National Guard Act”, would set in motion the process to evaluate issues related to the creation of a Cyber Defense National Guard. The bill would assess the number
of persons who would be needed to defend the critical infrastructure of the United States from a large-scale cyber-attack in the event of a national emergency. H.R. 955 will determine the cost of creating a Cyber Defense National Guard, and the criteria required
for participation. The bill would support the identification of which elements of the federal government are best equipped to recruit, train, and manage a Cyber Defense National Guard.

Because the National Guard has safeguarded our country from tangible threats for nearly half a century, it serves as an appropriate model for the creation of the Cyber
Defense National Guard. The Cyber Defense National Guard will turn to capable citizens of the United States, whose competence and capacity makes them well suited to defend our nation’s computing and telecommunications networks. Our nation needs the capacity
to combat disruptive strikes on the delicate cyber infrastructure that our economic, social, and defense networks depend.

To become a co-sponsor on H.R. 955, contact my staff at or by telephone at (202) 225-3816.

Very Truly Yours,
Sheila Jackson Lee

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