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We invite you to become an original cosponsor of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act. This important legislation would provide eligible individuals who are suffering from metastic breast cancer with access to support and medical
care they need. 

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is cancer that has spread from the breast to the bones, lungs, or other parts of the body. As you may know, 90% of breast cancer deaths are as a result of metastatic disease and the average life expectancy of an individual
with MBC is 3 years. While there are treatments that have extended the lives of individuals with MBC, there is no cure.  

Under current law, if an individual is found to be disabled for the purposes of Medicare and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they must wait 24 months to enroll in Medicare and wait 5 months to receive SSDI benefits.   During
this arbitrary waiting period, individuals with MBC face incredible hardships in supporting themselves and their families and receiving the appropriate medical care that they desperately need.  Due to current law, individuals with MBC may never receive the
SSDI and Medicare benefits they are eligible to receive as result of these onerous waiting periods. 

Our legislation would waive the 5-month waiting period for Social Security Disability Insurance and the 24-month waiting period for Medicare benefits for individuals with MBC who are determined to be eligible under the current programs.

Please join us in becoming an original cosponsor of this legislation to provide much needed relief for individuals with metastatic breast cancer and their families.  Please contact Deena Tauster with Rep. King at or
5-7896  or Elizabeth Brown with Rep. Castor at or 5-3376 should you have any questions or would like to added as an original cosponsor.



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