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Become a Cosponsor of H.R. 5715, the

Strengthening Partnerships to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act



Supported By: America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Anthem


Current Cosponsors: Renacci, Sewell, Guthrie, Peters, Latta, Kilmer, Fitzpatrick, Blackburn, Walden, Comstock



Dear Colleague,


We invite you to become a cosponsor of H.R. 5715, the Strengthening Partnerships to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act. This important legislation would permit Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plan sponsors to better coordinate and share data with CMS
regarding opioid overprescribing and fraud and abuse within the Part D program.


Currently, CMS entrusts plan sponsors to identify and take action against provider misconduct. Plan sponsors are required to operate their own robust compliance programs to identify and take corrective action against fraud, waste, and abuse. While CMS encourages
plan sponsors to refer their investigations and corrective actions to the agency, they are not actually required to do so. This handicaps CMS’s efforts to reduce opioid overprescribing and drug diversion as part of its Opioid Misuse Strategy since it does
not have access to a complete set of data on plan sponsors’ actions. Also concerning is a lack of transparency from CMS regarding the results of its own investigations and corrective actions, as well as the results of the cases it further investigates for
plans based upon their referrals.


The Strengthening Partnerships to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act remedies these problems by establishing a secure Internet portal to facilitate two-way communication between CMS and plan sponsors. Through this portal, plan sponsors could refer and share data regarding
potential cases of fraud and abuse and would communicate their corrective actions against opioid overprescribers. CMS would disseminate information to plans regarding providers who have been referred to it within the previous year or have been the subject
of corrective action by CMS. CMS would also be required to notify plan sponsors of the actions it takes based on their referrals. Furthermore, to assist plans in identifying fraud, waste, and abuse, CMS would also produce a quarterly report outlining information
on opioid overprescribing and its enforcement actions.


The opioid epidemic is a serious crisis ravaging our nation’s communities. The Strengthening Partnerships to Prevent Opioid Abuse Act provides insurers and CMS with more tools to identify and address overprescribing and other cases of fraud and abuse. If
you would like to become a cosponsor of this legislation, please contact Shane Hand with Congressman Renacci (, Hillary Beard with Congresswoman Sewell (,
Sophie Trainor with Congressman Guthrie ( or Anais Borja with Congressman Peters (




Jim Renacci


Terri Sewell





Brett Guthrie




Scott Peters


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