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Move to Amend Briefing on Campaign Finance Reform & H.J.Res. 48

TODAY: Thursday, June 7th

10:30 AM

122 Cannon House Office Building

Dear Colleague, 

I am writing to bring your attention to an upcoming briefing on campaign finance reform and H.J.Res 48 (otherwise known as the We The People Amendment) which will take place at 10:30AM on Thursday, June 7th in 122 CHOBYou
can RSVP to the briefing here.

The fact is, most Americans believe our political system is broken. Polling data consistently demonstrates that Americans believe that money is corrupting our political process, and that large corporations are exercising far too much power in society. In
these polarized times, this belief is shared by Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It is one of the few policy areas where there is a genuine consensus.

The United States is supposed to operate as a democratic Republic. Where “We the People” are sovereign, and that elected representatives cannot pass laws that violate the inherent and inalienable rights protected by our Constitution.

The legal doctrines of “money equals political speech” and “corporate constitutional rights” were both created by Supreme Court decisions – examples of judicial activism. The question of how to best protect the integrity of elections and the proper role
of the corporation in society are political questions, and according to our system of government should be addressed by elected representatives, at the local, state and federal level. When the Court illegitimately turns a political question
into a Constitutional question, they transform “We the People” from active, sovereign participants into mere spectators.

As support for H.J.Res. 48 has doubled from 23 to 56 in the past year and momentum to reform our campaign finance system continues to build, topics of discussion will include how your office can help build on this progress throughout the remainder of this
year while laying the groundwork for even greater success in the 116th Congress. 

I hope your staff can attend this briefing. Please contact Emily German in my office at with any questions. 



Richard M. Nolan

Member of Congress

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