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Would You Vote to Spend $14.9 Billion to Create More Government Bureaucracy?


Dear Colleague:

If you are considering voting for H.R. 2, the “Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018,” or the 2018 Farm Bill, I want to make you aware that
you would be voting to spend almost $14.9 billion on mandatory workforce development programs and dangerous child support enforcement provisions.

Going after child support payments sounds like a good thing from a financial standpoint, but when it
costs over $7.2 billion to enhance the infrastructure to go after those payments and
CBO estimates that only $3.8 billion would be saved, it does not make sense. 
Spending twice as much money as you’re saving is not good government.

The other $7.7 billion boondoggle is creating mandatory state workforce bureaucracies.  The same programs that
Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners claim “have a poor track record of delivering results.”
The same workforce bureaucracies that the Congressional Budget Office says won’t even be fully operational in 10 years.

CBO also indicated that as states take their time to ramp up these mandatory workforce training slots,
states would use Federal grant funds to supplant state funding. 

Democrats and Republicans all support work, but we need to do this right and look at workforce development in the context of welfare reform, not as an idea stuck in a farm bill.

USDA is about growing food and feeding people, it is not an employment or child support enforcement agency.

I hope you’ll take another look and vote no on H.R. 2.


Collin C. Peterson
Ranking Member
House Committee on Agriculture




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