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Become an original cosponsor of the bipartisan WILD Act

Dear Colleague:

We write to ask you to co-sponsor the “Wildlife Innovation and Longevity Driver (WILD) Act”.  The WILD Act authorizes and reauthorizes programs that promote innovative solutions for conservation of vulnerable wildlife populations, and protection of these
populations from invasive species. 

Specifically, this bipartisan bill would:

  • Reauthorize the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Reauthorize the Multinational Species Conservation Funds
  • Amend the Sea Turtle Conservation Fund to allow for a portion of the funds to be used for freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation
  • Establish prize competitions for innovative solutions to conserve wildlife, including:
    • Prevention of wildlife poaching and trafficking
    • Promoting wildlife conservation
    • Managing invasive species
    • Protecting endangered species
    • Use of non-lethal management techniques for human-wildlife conflicts
  • Add a section to the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act to protect ecosystems and wildlife from invasive species through the development and execution of strategic plans for reducing invasive species populations on land or water managed by Federal agencies. 

The Senate companion, sponsored by Senators Barrasso and Carper, passed the Senate by unanimous consent.

Please contact Rachel Gentile ( in Rep. Lowenthal’s office with questions or to be added as a cosponsor.




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