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The House of Representatives will soon consider my amendment, #92 (Floor #14), to H.R. 2. My amendment will expand access to traditional foods for Alaska Native and American Indian populations, building on a previous amendment of mine that was adopted in
the 2014 Farm Bill.

Many American Indians and Alaska Natives incorporate traditional foods—fish, game, seafood, and wild berries and plants—into their daily diets. These foods are locally sourced and culturally significant. The cultural significance of traditional food is especially
important in long term care and hospital settings, where individuals are likely to be away from their homes for extended periods and unable to easily carry on their traditions. It is likewise important for Native youth to have access to traditional food for
both proper nutrition and cultural heritage.

Before my amendment to the 2014 Farm Bill, facilities that served American Indians or Alaska Natives were unable to incorporate these foods into their menus because of regulatory uncertainty. That amendment authorized the donation and serving of traditional
foods, which meet specific safety standards, in facilities that serve these populations. It applies to programs encompassing residential child care, child nutrition programs, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and others.

This current amendment, like the previous one, has no budgetary effect according to the Congressional Budget Office. It simply works to ensure that Native American and Alaska Native youth and elders can participate in nutrition programs and access traditional
foods regardless of the facility in which the program is implemented.

Please contact Jesse von Stein (, x5-5765) on my staff if you have any questions.



Congressman for All Alaska

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