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Support the Tenney Made in America Amendment to NDAA

Rep. Tenney has offered an amendment, currently listed as #380 on the Rules Committee website, to this year’s NDAA that will reinstate longstanding domestic sourcing requirements for stainless steel flatware.

From 1976 to 2006, the Berry Amendment included a domestic sourcing requirement for stainless steel flatware. However, when Oneida Ltd., the only American manufacturer moved its operation abroad, the requirement was removed. Today, Sherrill Manufacturing
has brought back American stainless steel production in the very same factory which was closed down when Oneida’s operations were moved oversees.

American taxpayers overwhelmingly support their hard-earned tax dollars going to domestic companies, so long as doing so does not raise the costs of doing business or create new compliance burdens. Reinstating the Berry Amendment’s three-decades
old domestic sourcing provision for stainless steel flatware will provide our service members with high-quality Made in America flatware while providing a no-cost boost to manufacturers across the country.

Support American jobs and manufacturing by supporting this important amendment! Send the right message and show American entrepreneurs that when they create manufacturing jobs in the USA, we will stand with them.

To learn more, please contact Haim Engelman in Rep. Tenney’s office at

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