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Cosponsor: H.R. 5635, the Responsible Opioid Prescription Act


Dear Colleague,

Please join me in cosponsoring H.R. 5635, the Responsible Opioid Prescription Act. Introduced on Friday, April 26, 2018, the
Responsible Opioid Prescription Act would limit initial opioid prescriptions in the Medicaid program to a maximum of a 7-day supply.  In the event a patient needs a refill for their opioid prescription, providers would be limited to a 30-day supply. 
These limits would not apply to patients receiving treatment for cancer, receiving hospice or palliative care, or in a long-term care or skilled nursing facility.  When prescribing refills to patients, the bill requires providers to follow the following procedures
to ensure patient safety:

  • Determine whether the expected benefits of using opioids to treat or improve the patient’s pain outweigh the risks associated with opioid use;
  • To the extent possible, combine opioid therapy with non-pharmacologic therapy and non-opioid pharmacologic therapy;
  • Establish treatment goals for the patient to ensure that opioids will be discontinued if the provider determines that the risks of the opioid use outweigh the benefits;
  • Discuss with the patient the known risks of using opioid, including the realistic benefits of taking opioids and the responsibility of both the provider and the patient in managing opioid use.

The requirements laid out in the Responsible Opioid Prescription Act are consistent with the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines for prescribing opioids to patients with acute or chronic pain.  Further, patients in the Medicaid program are as
much as 10-times more likely than the general public to become addicted to or abuse opioids. This is a serious problem that is harming our communities and it demands addressing.

If you have any specific questions or would like to be added as a cosponsor to H.R. 5635, the
Responsible Opioid Prescription Act, please contact my Senior Legislative Assistant Tim Carlton at




Glenn Grothman

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