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Become an Original Cosponsor of the Medical Records Access Fairness Act!

Endorsed by the Chronic Disease Coalition

Dear Colleague,

I invite you to become an original cosponsor of the Medical Records Access Fairness Act. This common-sense bill would require providers to give patients access to their medical records for free up to once per year, providing financial relief to hardworking
Americans who need access to their medical history. Copies of medical records are necessary for medical care when individuals change providers or need to see a specialist who does not have access to a patient’s complete medical history.

HIPPA requires providers to give patients access to their medical records and allows them to charge the patients a “reasonable, cost-based fee” intended to cover the cost of copying pages, procuring USB drives, postage, etc. These fees vary drastically by
state and state law often allows providers to charge a per-page fee for records access. For patients with chronic diseases or complex medical histories, fees could easily reach hundreds if not thousands of dollars to access a complete copy of
their own medical records.

You may have seen the recent
GAO investigation
that found patients who are charged over $500 for a single medical records request. Even as electronic health records become the norm, the GAO study highlights one patient who was charged $148 for a pdf version of her medical records.
The Medical Records Access Fairness Act would stop these practices and ensure patients can access their records for free up to once a year if they need their records. 

For questions or to join as an original cosponsor, please contact Samantha Warren ( Deadline to join as an original cosponsor is COB Wednesday June 6th.


Bill Foster
Member of Congress


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