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Dear Colleague,

I write to invite you to  cosponsor
 H.R. 994, the Examining Opioid Treatment Infrastructure Act
 to give us the data we need to make wise investments in combating the opioid epidemic.

This simple, bipartisan legislation would require a GAO study of in-patient and out-patient addiction treatment capacity and availability in the U.S. as well as an assessment of the need for this treatment capacity.

Finding a starting point is key to addressing any problem. If we are serious about addressing the opioid epidemic that is effecting so many people across this country, we need to first make sure we have the most accurate data about what we are dealing with.
This bill gives us the ability to gather the information we need to fight back and make smart investments with our limited resources.  

To become a cosponsor, please contact Samantha Warren at


Bill Foster  
Member of Congress 

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