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The traditional banking sector has failed to serve the needs of millions of low-income American households. These workers are forced into a system that demands extraordinarily high interest rates and fees to access their own money, at a time when they can
least afford it.

Low-income communities do not use the same products as wealthier households, and the majority of banks do not develop products to serve these communities. This access will help to generate savings, wealth and credit, while bringing millions of American workers
into a more fair banking system.

The United States Post Office’s 30,000 locations can offer financial services at a significantly lower price, helping many middle class Americans avoid the excessive fees caused by predatory lending tactics. My legislation would provide low-cost basic financial
services to people who simply do not have access, or have limited access, to America’s banking system.

For more information, or to sign on as a co-sponsor, please contact Earsdale Ash in my office at 5-6231, or by email, gov.

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