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Technology is rapidly changing with robotics, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and cybersecurity becoming increasingly relevant in our daily lives. While it’s difficult for anyone to stay informed on the challenges and issues, it’s especially
important for Congress to have access to the best possible information about the current and future state of science and technology in the US and the world. In this briefing, we will explore the importance of and avenues for Congress to access expertise in
science and technology.


Access to Science and Technology Expertise in Congress

Friday, May 11th




Hosted by the House Research & Development Caucus

co-chairs Representative Barbara Comstock and Representative Bill Foster

and in cooperation with Representative Mark Takano



Panelists will include:

  • Jessica Rosenworcel – Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Zach Graves – Senior Fellow in Technology and Governance Policy, The R Street Institute
  • Dr. Peter Blair – Executive Director, Division on Engineering & Physical Sciences, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  • Jeff Kosseff – Assistant Professor, Cyber Science Department, United States Naval Academy
  • Dr. Timothy Persons – Chief Scientist, Government Accountability Office




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