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Expand Access to Rural Anesthesiology Care – Cosponsor H.R. 2881


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Throughout the nation, rural areas are experiencing a shortage of physicians.  To help address this problem in the surgical setting, we have reintroduced the Medicare Access to Rural Anesthesiology Act (H.R. 2881).  This bill will allow certain rural hospitals
to use Medicare Part A funds on a “pass-through” basis to attract and retain physician anesthesiologists. It is identical to the bill from the 114th Congress.

Typically, Medicare pays for anesthesia providers’ services under the Medicare Part B fee schedule.  However, in order to attract anesthesia providers to rural areas, a statutory exception was enacted in the 1980s that allows certain rural hospitals to use
Part A funds to employ or contract with non-physician anesthesiologist assistants (AAs) or certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).  While a positive step to address a need in rural areas, this policy does not permit hospitals to use the pass-through
funds to pay for physician anesthesiologists. 

This legislation will resolve this oversight and enable rural hospitals to recruit and retain the full range of anesthesia providers as well as expand the availability of physician anesthesia care in medically underserved areas.

Please join us in cosponsoring this important legislation that encourages physician anesthesiologists to practice in our rural areas.  If you would like more information or would like to become a cosponsor, please contact Baruch Humble in Rep. Jenkins’ office
at or Jennifer Shapiro in Rep. Cleaver’s office at




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