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Dear Colleague:

Please join me in supporting
H.R. 2966, The United States-Cuba Normalization Act of 2017
.  This legislation will open up new markets for U.S. commerce and bring prosperity to both the American and Cuban peoples.

Cuba’s current merchandise imports total more than $14 billion dollars per year. 
Every nation in the Western Hemisphere, except for the United States, maintains diplomatic and commercial relations with Cuba.  Some of our largest economic competitors and current trading partners — including
Brazil, Canada, China, and the European Union — already conduct considerable amounts of trade with Cuba.  China, for example, accounts for almost 10% of Cuba’s foreign trade.

American workers need jobs which can be realized through greater exports.  And, if American companies are to grow and compete more effectively on a global scare, they will need access to emerging international markets like Cuba’s.

To promote these ends, Congress should legalize travel by U.S. citizens to Cuba, which would open up pathways to normalization of trade with Cuba.

My bill will increase tangible economic opportunities for American businesses, manufacturers, and agricultural interests by:

  • Lifting current restrictions on trade and other relations with Cuba;
  • Authorizing American telecommunications carriers to install, maintain, and repair telecommunications equipment, services, and facilities in Cuba;
  • Authorizing travel to and from Cuba to all individuals and authorizing transactions incidental to travel;
  • Authorizing direct mail delivery to Cuba
  • Urging the President to take all necessary steps to conduct negotiations with the Government of Cuba to settle claims of U.S. nationals against Cuba for the taking of property and secure protection of internationally recognized human rights;
  • Extending nondiscriminatory trade treatment to Cuba;
  • Allowing unlimited monetary remittances to Cuba;
  • Removing Cuba from the State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism;


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                                                                             Bobby L. Rush

                                                                             Member of Congress

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