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Support National Small Business Week



Deadline: COB April 26th


Current signers (16): Bonamici, Bordallo, Cicilline, Clark, Correa, Kaptur, Loebsack, Lowey, Lujan Grisham, McCollum, Norton, Payne, Sablan, Sewell, Swalwell, Takano


2017 signers (36): Adams, Bonamici, Bordallo, Brownley, Cicilline, Clark, Clarke, Collins, Costa, Eshoo, Garamendi, Hastings, Hultgren, Kelly, Kilmer, Larsen, Lieu, Loebsack, Lowey, Lujan Grisham, Matsui, McCollum, Norton, Payne,
Pingree, Quigley, Sablan, Sanchez, Sewell, Sinema, Swalwell, Takano, Tipton, Titus, Torres, Veasey


Dear Colleague:


Please join us in honoring the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses in the United States by cosponsoring a bipartisan resolution recognizing the 55th anniversary of National Small Business Week, which begins on April 29,


The nearly 28,000,000 small businesses in the United States are a driving force behind the nation’s economy and economic recovery, creating 6 out of every 10 new jobs.  These small businesses represent 99.7 percent of employer firms in the United States
and generate close to 50 percent of the nation’s non-farm gross domestic product, while representing 98 percent of all exporters and producing 33 percent of exported goods.  Their owners and employees are the nation’s innovators, serving to advance technology
and productivity, and taking risks to achieve the American dream of owning a small business.  The efforts and achievements of these self-starters deserve our commendation for their work ethic and commitment to excellence in furthering the economic vitality
of the United States.


Please join us as a cosponsor of this bipartisan resolution to recognize the milestone achievements of small businesses and their importance to the nation’s economy.


For more information or to become a cosponsor, please contact Jacqueline Usyk with Rep. Tony Cárdenas at 5-6131 or





Tony Cárdenas

Member of Congress