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Dear Colleague:

Please join us in sending Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi a bipartisan letter urging congressional action on a significant, long-term infrastructure bill.

Congress must work together to address the infrastructure needs of all communities. We can’t miss this opportunity to work together to provide the funding and financing tools to truly transform our economy. Now is the time to build on past bipartisan achievements
and pass a comprehensive and robust infrastructure bill that meets the following objectives:

  • Increases direct federal infrastructure investment;
  • Addresses the long-term solvency of existing federal funding accounts, like the Highway Trust Fund;
  • Complements and strengthens existing financing tools, such as municipal bonds and Private Activity Bonds;
  • Strengthens efficiencies to improve federal permitting processes without losing key public protections; and
  • Encourages active participation among all levels of government and between the public and private sectors without shifting federal responsibilities.

The deadline to sign on is Friday, May 4. For more information or to sign onto the letter, please contact Walker Truluck with Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) at or
Jon Bosworth with Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) at



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