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Cosponsor H.R.5373, the Algae Agriculture Act of 2018

Current Cosponsors: Peters, LaHood, Kilmer, Biggs, Lujan Grisham

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As our nation and the world confronts the rapidly growing global population, innovative solutions are required to meet the needs of human and animal nutrition and provide new sources of energy and materials. Algae, a diverse group of plant-like organisms,
are emerging as an important new commodity, providing proteins and oils that can be used as biofuels and nutrition. Algae can be cultivated in land that is otherwise unusable in conventional agriculture, thriving in saltwater or even wastewater, without further
burdening scarce freshwater resources. Algae production can be a major driver of rural jobs, infrastructure, and economic development to regions of the country most in need. Algae also offer the potential to provide vital ecosystem services to growers of other
crops and animals, including applications for nutrient management and soil health, and to rural manufacturing and energy facilities. Unfortunately, U.S. agriculture policy has provided limited support to the research, development, and deployment of algae as
an agricultural solution.

The Algae Agriculture Act of 2018 provides several small but important updates to U.S. agriculture policy to ensure existing USDA programs include algae and related technologies. This legislation will also authorize important studies to discover other benefits
of algae production and use. All of the policy proposals use existing USDA funding. Please join us in sponsoring this important legislation. To co-sponsor the bill, or for any questions, contact Baillee Brown or Anais Borja (202-225-0508).



Scott Peters                                                  Darin LaHood                                       

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