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Endorsed by the National Military Family Association and Military Officers Association of America

“Military spouse unemployment remains above 20%, according to Department of Defense data collection. This number is more than five times higher
than the current veteran unemployment rate, and four times higher than the national average. Military spouse unemployment is staggeringly high, negatively impacts family readiness and threatens the financial health of our servicemembers and their families.
We hope this legislation will help us move the needle for military families fighting the longest war in U.S. history.” – MOAA

“This legislation will be a win for military spouses, who will have a better chance of finding employment and for employers, who will receive
the financial benefit. We applaud the bill’s supporters, who will be contributing to the financial stability of our Nation’s military families,” – NMFA Executive Director, Joyce Wessel Raezer.


Dear Colleague,

I invite you to cosponsor H.R. 2318, the Military Spouse Hiring Act.

While the DOD has reported improved financial conditions among active duty military families since 2006, significant progress is still needed. Military spouses face unique obstacles
when seeking employment. Many potential employers are hesitant to hire military spouses because of the perception that they frequently move, and recent studies have found that the unemployment rate for military
spouses could be 
as high as 23%. Even
worse, the unemployment rate for military spouses who had a Permanent Change of Station in the last 12 months was 37% in 2015, and 28% said it took 10 months or longer
for them to find employment after changing stations.

High unemployment among military spouses undoubtedly contributes to the financial pressures many military families face. Military families carry
more debt
 than the average American, and many turn to predatory financial products, such as payday loans, to make ends meet.  Among military spouses of active duty servicemembers with a pay grade of E1- E4, 26% reported financial problems such as, “Failed
to make minimum payment on credit card account” or “bounced two or more checks.” According to the National Military Family Association, military spouse employment positively
impacts servicemember retention
, which is critical for preserving
morale and reducing training costs
 associated with replacements. Congress should pass legislation to encourage employers to hire military spouses.

This legislation is simple: it creates a tax incentive to hire military spouses by adding them to the list of target groups that employers can hire to receive the Work Opportunity
Tax Credit (WOTC). 
 This tax incentive will improve the financial equation for employers that hire military spouses, benefiting both employers and our military. 

Please join me and support this important legislation to incentivize hiring military spouses. If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor the bill, please contact Tony Hobbs



Carol Shea-Porter

Member of Congress

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