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Please cosign onto a letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission regarding aluminum tariffs negative impacts on the domestic marine manufacturing industry, which relies on this critical raw material. We urge the
DOC and ITC to be fair and measured in every respect to maintain the credibility of our trade enforcement regime among all American workers, including those who consume aluminum sheet in the production of marine and other downstream products.

Specifically, the DOC and ITC need to properly analyze the potential effects of the U.S. antidumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) laws on end users, including marine manufacturers. Most importantly, the AD/CVD findings need to be juxtaposed alongside
the 232-aluminum tariff proposal and the possible retaliatory actions against U.S. boat imports. Moreover, we find it troubling no one from the DOC met with any of the marine manufacturers that use this sheet aluminum material prior to self-initiating this

The consequences of a worldwide tariff plus steep AD/CVD on the U.S. marine manufacturing industry will be deleterious with the potential loss of thousands of U.S. jobs. This serious concern will only be compounded if the EU takes retaliatory measures on
U.S. boat imports. The recreational marine industry makes up 95 percent of the boats sold in the U.S. The marine industry employs approximately 650,000 Americans through 35,000 businesses and contributes an estimated $121.5 billion to our nation’s economic
activity and $38.2 billion to GDP.

Aluminum sheet is used in the marine industry to manufacture pontoon boats, aluminum fishing boats, fuel tanks, boat lifts, boat trailers and myriad component parts. In 2016, 110,000 boats sold were primarily aluminum-based (e.g., pontoon and fishing), comprising
43 percent of overall sales and $3 billion in value. Approximately 22,000 American jobs are tied to the aluminum sector of the marine industry. These products are manufactured throughout the United States, with heavy concentration in states such as Arkansas,
Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Washington. 

Regarding the DOC’s aluminum tariff exclusion process, we request additional clarification about the potential benefits to domestic marine manufacturers.

To co-sign, please contact Rick Podliska in Rep. Posey’s office at 5-3671 ( or Zach Martin with Rep. Collin Peterson’s office at 5-2165 (



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