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Dear Colleague,

Right now the United States is discussing the future of the Iran nuclear deal and deciding whether or not to remain a party to the JCPOA.   Whether the US decides to remain in the agreement or withdraw, it is essential that Iran’s continued pursuit of ballistic
missile technology be addressed for what it is – a part of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Iran has tested ballistic missiles that can easily reach our friend and ally Israel, and Iran has made its hostile intentions towards Israel extremely clear, even painting
direct threats to Israel on these weapons prior to launch.  The JCPOA does not adequately address Iran’s ballistic missile development, even though Iran’s intended use for such weapons is obvious.

As the United States discusses with our European allies what approach we will take to the JCPOA, please join this bipartisan letter urging the President to address this critical issue.   Iran’s persistent pursuit of ballistic missile development represents
a threat to our ally Israel, to regional peace and stability, and to our own national security.  If the United States remains a party to the JCPOA, the agreement needs to be updated to address and sanction Iran’s ballistic missile program. If the United States
withdraws, we need to immediately place further sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile development.  And in either case, our European allies need to be persuaded in joining us in this effort by placing their own sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program.

To sign, please contact Chris Griswold in Rep. MacArthur’s office at or Dan Marrow in Rep. Gottheimer’s office at

Tom MacArthur                                             Josh Gottheimer
Member of Congress                                    Member of Congress




Dear Mr. President:

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is gravely flawed, and we write with particular concern regarding the danger it poses to Israel, our closest friend and ally in the region.

One of the JCPOA’s major problems is that it only addressed certain aspects of Iran’s nuclear program, not its highly-developed ballistic missile program. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2231, which formalized the JCPOA, only temporarily
“called upon” Iran not to engage in activity related to its ballistic missiles “designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons.” In two years since implementation, Iran has continued brazenly testing long-range ballistic missiles in violation of international
law. In 2016, Iran successfully launched two Qadr II ballistic missiles at a target in Iran approximately 870 miles away, proving the range of these missiles. The missiles bore the slogan “Israel should be wiped off the Earth”.

No country has pursued an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program without also pursuing a nuclear weapons program. That is why we must treat Iran’s ICBM program as a component of their nuclear program, and as the United States negotiates with our
European allies regarding the deal, we hope you will encourage them to do so as well. The EU 3 can do their part to increase pressure on Iran by imposing their own sanctions, sending a definitive message to Iran and firms that support its supply chain that
the United States and Europe stand together in opposition to the Iranian ballistic missile threat.

As President, you also have the authority under Executive Order 13382 and Section 104 of the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017” (P.L. 115-44) (CAATSA) to sanction entities that support developing, deploying, or maintaining Iran’s
ballistic missile program, or systems capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction, including any efforts to manufacture, acquire, possess, develop, transport, transfer, or use such capabilities. We urge you to use these authorities to compel Iran to
end its dangerous missile program.

Should we reach an agreement by the May 12 statutory deadline and remain a party to the JCPOA, we believe that additional sanctions ought to be placed on Iran’s illegal ballistic missile program. Should the United States pull out of the agreement, then we
urge you to work with the international community to impose sanctions on these missiles as soon as possible.

Our ally Israel is a beacon of stability and democracy in the world’s most volatile region, and it is a vital U.S. national security interest to protect our ally from these serious threats.


Tom MacArthur                                             Josh Gottheimer
Member of Congress                                    Member of Congress

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